Menú 1

Per person (minimum 25 people)

1 Creole sausage.

½ Onion blood sausage.

Beef vacuum. We roast the whole piece, 2 hours approx.

Veal Picaña. We roast the piece and fillet it.

Veal Ribs. Made to the stake, whole piece, 3,5 hs.

It is served in ration with the bone.


Salad (lettuce, herbs (canónigos), cherry tomato, olives, purple onion).

½ Roasted agate French potato with cream cheese and oregano.

Roasted red peppers macerated with garlic.

Chimichurri sauce.

Loaf of bread


€ 26 plus VAT 10%


Possibility of Creole empanada

(Beef, boiled egg, olive and onion) € 3,5 unit.



Salmon a papillote (250 g) with the same accompaniments of meat 26 € plus VAT 10%

Seafood Paella, consult.

Mixed Paella, consult

Menu price subject to market price.
These may vary slightly.

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