Menú 4 – EN

Per person (minimum 50 people)

1 Creole sausage.

½ Onion blood sausage.

This as an entree or change to:

1 Creole empanada (beef, boiled egg, olive and onion).


Beef vacuum. We roast the whole piece, 2 hours approx.

Veal Picaña. We roast the piece and fillet it.

Veal ribs. Roasted to the stake, whole piece, 3.5 hours.

It is served in ration with the bone.

1 Piglet: We roast the whole piglet at the stake, 4 hours.

It is served in portions.

1 Lamb: We roast the whole lamb to the stake, 4 hours.

It is served in portions.

Free range chicken: Roast the whole chicken on the grill, 2 hours.

It is served in portions.


Salad (lettuce, herbs (canónigos), cherry tomato, olives, purple onion).

½ Roasted agate French potato with cream cheese and oregano.

Roasted red peppers macerated with garlic.

Chimichurri sauce.

Loaf of bread

€ 33 plus VAT 10%

Criollo-style empanada (beef, hard-boiled egg, olive, and onion) €3.5 per unit plus VAT.

Salmon with papillote (250 g) with the same accompaniments of meat 26 € plus VAT 10%

Seafood Paella, consult

Mixed Paella, consult

Menu price subject to market price.
These may vary slightly.

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